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middle finger up so high dirty vibe +
A random dance that will grab the world by its neck. [x]


12/30 Soojung Edits

MAX&Co. COROLLA DRESS: The Skater Girl ft. Kozue Akimoto

Title: Say Yes
Artist: Jessica, Krystal & Kris
Played: 250 times


Say Yes - Jessica, Krystal & Kris (x)


get to know me meme: 2/6 female groups



[SCAN] Krystal Everysing Goods - 2000 x 2684



You were my whole galaxy, while I was merely a star in yours.

— (via zelu)

f(x); space




hi guys! So i guess you could say i passed a milestone a while ago and im a million years late on posting these things. I’ve managed to put this off for like two months now because i’ve been so terribly busy with school. Anyway, my first follow forever was a little rushed and i feel like i didn’t get a lot of people so here we are. So anyway thank you to everyone that bothered following me even though im not as active these days. Everyone has always been really lovely to me and it really does mean a lot. Some of you have talked to me and its really makes my day, 

so anyway here’s a bunch of lovely blogs that make this site a thousand times more fun. Please keep in mind to prevent making a massively long list i can’t exactly include everyone but if you wish to you can check out my blogroll to find even more lovelies. 

Bold- mutualsItalics- absolutely gorgeous blogs

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Thank you!! ♥

“If you want to fly higher, first you have to spread your wings. The world’s big and there are a lot of places you can fly.”